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Health Tips

*Be careful about choosing shoes..

*Developmental hip dislocation indications

*Choosing school Bag

Speciality Interests

Pediatric Orthopeadic- Foot surgery
Hand Surgery – Shoulder Surgery
Elbow Surgery – Hip Surgery
Knee Surgery…

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About Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Doğan M.D.

Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Doğan Works in the Orthopaedic, Ambulatory Surgery in Istanbul Kolan International Hospital.

Hand Surgery

A hand is an organ which has a complex structure as one can understand this from its high movement ability and number of its joints. Muscle and tendon systems which are placed on hand’s flawless musculusketal enable it to perform a high movement ability. Existing perfect blood circulation and flawless nervous system facilitate hand’s flexibility and…. Read More


Prosthesis is the general name of the devices which are generated instead of organs which are lost as result trauma and tumors etc.
As a result of situations like trauma, tumor, necrosis etc. the damaged organ may be amputated to stay healthy. İn this cases, the prostheses, which are replaced for….
Read More

Trauma Surgery

Trauma is called as physical injuries which cause serious damages in the body as a result of deep muscle injuries, fractures, organ ruptures and organ injuries. It especially deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the traumas such as orthopedy and traumatology expertise, fractures and…Read More

Pediatric Orthopedics

Pediathtic orthopedic deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all the musculoskeletal system and the problems of these disease which are carried award. As the development of the body continues in a certain may from birth to adolescence, the disease which occur during these times need a difference kind of … Read More


choosing heeled shoes

5 Tips for Spine Injury

Choosing the Right Bag




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